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Journal of Association of Arab Universities for Tourism and Hospitality (ISSN:1687-1863) is a scientific journal interested in publishing research and articles in the fields of tourism guidance, tourism studies, hospitality, and hotel management, it is issued by the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Suez Canal University, on behalf of the Society of Arab Faculties, institutes, and departments of Tourism affiliated to the association of Arab Universities, it was founded in December 2004 by Professor Abdulrahman Abdel Fattah, former dean of the Faculty.

Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 2, December 2022 

The Role of Sports Events in Preserving Heritage and Promote Equestrian Tourism

Pages 1-24

Doaa fathy aly mohamed Eyada; manal Ismaiel; Ghada Elemam

A proposed Model for application the Total Quality Management in the Tourism sector

Pages 33-45

Elsayed Abd Elraziq Mohamed Hassan; soad Omran; Tamer Ayad

Evaluation of Ecotourism in the Western desert: A case study of Dakhla Oasis

Pages 95-109

Nourhan Nagy; Tamer Hamdy Ayad; Marwa Ali Abd El-Wahab

Depiction of the Christ in the Art

Pages 110-129

Maha Mohsen Hassan; Enayat Mohamed AHMED

"The Digital Transformation of EgyptAir Fights and the Passenger Experience".

Pages 267-289

Alaa Khallaf Khalaf; hussein Abdelwahab Abdelrady; ALAA Ahmed Ashour