Neuromarketing as a Novel Method to Tourism Destination Marketing: Evidence from Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Associate Professor at Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, University of Sadat City


The main objectives of this research are to identify the neuromarketing concept, to address the importance and advantages of using the neuromarketing approach over conventional marketing methods, to demonstrate the factors that affect tourists’ purchase-decision behavior, to recognize the awareness and knowledge levels of neuromarketing in Egypt, and to investigate factors that can be influenced by applying neuromarketing techniques. Quantitative analysis was carried out on data from 472 tourists, and 82 destination marketing designers. Results revealed that neuromarketing is positively affected tourist behavior, decision-making, tourist preferences, tourist loyalty, product improvement, marketing effectiveness, marketing strategies, and sustainable product marketing. It was concluded that the usage of neuromarketing in the Egyptian destination is in its infancy, despite the level of awareness about neuromarketing being relatively high. The study contributes to providing destination policymakers full insights about neuromarketing, which provides a full picture for tourists, shows the path of tourism products development, and the need of producing new tourists’ products. Destination marketing designers need to integrate neuromarketing in their marketing method, and to create smarter marketing that will increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.