The Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Achieving Competitive Advantage in Egyptian Hotels

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The study aimed to identify the role of entrepreneurial orientation in achieving competitive advantage (a field study applied to Egyptian five-star hotels in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh). The study followed the descriptive analytical and correlational approach, and data was collected through a questionnaire that was developed, verified for its validity and reliability, and applied to a sample of Of (430) - which is the number of valid forms - employees of (14) five-star Egyptian hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh. The study concluded that the degree of practice of the Egyptian five-star hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh from the point of view of the employees was moderate in the field of entrepreneurial orientation, as it did not affect the competitive advantage except by a weak percentage. the study recommends that there is a need for the training department to pay attention to creative ideas and implement new ideas that will meet the needs and desires of customers, and for the human resources department to evaluate the performance of employees on scientific grounds and help them make decisions and bear the risks of their results, and the need for the senior management of hotel institutions to adopt applications of entrepreneurial orientation and benefit from its outcomes in achieving Competitive advantage, relying on modern technological applications in a broader way in a way that helps reduce costs in hotels, and interest in holding specialized courses to acquaint workers at all levels with the importance of excellence.


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