The Climate changes and its impact on tourism activity Applied to Sharm El Sheikh

Document Type : Original Article


faculty of tourism and hotels, Suez Canal University


The tourism sector is the most sensitive among the economic sectors to the potential impacts of climate change, since that the Tourism sector is closely connected to the natural environmental resources and cultural characteristics of the region, which are also highly sensitive to fluctuations and climate change. Sharm El Sheikh is characterized by its geographic location, climate, natural resources, wildlife, and marine life which are suitable for all tourism activities such as beach tourism, diving tourism, water sports, safari tourism, and other activities. The research aims to study the climatic characteristics of Sharm El-Sheikh and analyze their impact on tourism activities in the region, and forecasting the impact of climatic elements in Sharm El-Sheikh during the next climatic cycle on tourism activities. The study has used the time-series method (the Box-Genghis method) to predict the expected climatic data in Sharm El-Sheikh; in addition, to the Oliver Scale to clarify the relationship between climate and tourist comfort. Moreover, Illustrations and maps are also drawn for the future diving spots at the shores of Sharm el-Sheikh