Impact of Internal and External Factors on the Purchasing Behaviour of Customers in the Hotel Industry Context: Does 3D-Printed Food Matter?

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The main goal of this study was to examine how both internal and external influences affect consumers' purchase decisions. Furthermore, the study aimed to do an empirical investigation into the possible mediating role of 3D-printed food (3DPF) between internal and external factors (IEF) and the purchasing behaviour of customers (PBC) in an Egyptian hotel. In order to find out what the chosen customers thought about the study's components—internal and external factors, purchasing behaviour, and 3D-printed food—a questionnaire was created and distributed to them. The questionnaire was designed with four main factors in mind: (1) study participant demographics; (2) internal and external factors; (3) 3D-printed food; and (4) purchase behaviour. The study hypotheses were investigated using the bootstrap technique in structural equation modelling (SEM). The study's findings demonstrated that both internal and external factors significantly improved the purchasing decisions and use of 3D-printed food among the research sample's customers. Furthermore, it has been discovered that 3D-printed food has a considerable and partial impact on the relationship between both internal and external factors and consumers' purchasing behaviour.


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