The Impact of the Application of Geoinformatics Techniques on the Management of Nature Reserves Applied to Ras Mohammed Reserve

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faculty of tourism and hotel management


Geoinformatics technologies are an important tool in planning and managing the Ras Mohammed Tourist Reserve, preserving it from the dangers of pollution and depletion caused by tourist traffic, raising the efficiency of its use, and studying the implications of social and economic activities dependent on these resources. This technology has achieved a great development associated with the growing and urgent need to manage nature reserves in Egypt using Geoinformatics technologies, which are considered a means of Decision Support in a way that allows researchers, decision makers and nature reserve administrations to use different approaches to work. This study is of particular importance because it investigates the rehabilitation of natural oceans using Geoinformatics technologies. Based on this, the research aims to study the impact of the application of Geoinformatics technologies on the management of nature reserves by applying to Ras Mohammed Reserve. The research was based on the descriptive analytical approach and the distribution of 100 forms, and the data was collected through the design and distribution of survey forms to (50) employees of Ras Mohammed Reserve as well as (50) employees of the Environmental Affairs Agency at the Ministry of Environment. The study also relied on standardized interviews as data collection tools (officials, environmental researchers, workers, accountants and legal affairs specialists). The study provided some recommendations that can contribute to helping the Ras Mohammed Reserve to make the most of Geoinformatics technologies and overcome the obstacles of their application.


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