Evaluating the actual practices of the dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation in five-star hotels

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The hotel sector in Egypt is currently experiencing intense competition and significant development, presenting a major challenge for hotels. This situation has prompted hotels to adopt an entrepreneurial approach to achieve valuable competitive advantages.

The study aimed to determine the extent of the application of entrepreneurial orientation dimensions in hotel institutions. The study followed a descriptive, analytical, and correlational methodology, collecting data through a developed and validated questionnaire. This was administered to a sample of 430 employees from 14 five-star hotels in Sharm El Sheikh.

The study found that, from the employees' perspective, the degree of entrepreneurial orientation practice in five-star hotels in Sharm El Sheikh was moderate.

The study recommends that training management should focus on creative ideas and implement new ideas to meet customer needs and desires. Additionally, it suggests that human resources management should evaluate employee performance based on scientific principles, assist them in decision-making, and encourage them to take risks with their outcomes. It also emphasizes the need for senior management in hotel institutions to adopt entrepreneurial orientation applications.


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