Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 2, December 2019, Pages 1-204 
The Deity Shemaa-nefer “Sma nfr” at Esna Temple

Pages 15-31

Mofida Hassan El Weshahy; Noha Mohamed Hafez

Remarks on the Text of Seti II at the solar court of Luxor Temple

Pages 50-54

ABOU EL-NOUR AHMED; Faten Elelemi; Mofida Hassan El Weshahy

Human Resources Capacity Building in Accessible Tourism in Egypt

Pages 82-89

Meril Ibrahem Moris; Heba Allah alakhras; Neveen Galal Eid; Mohamed Higazy

Archaeological artifacts at Mahmoudiyya Mosque (975 AH / 1568 CE)

Pages 110-123

Medhat El Sayed El Morshedy; Boussy Zidan; Radwa Mohamed Omar