Block Statue of Hky SQ.FAMS.361 from Imhotep Museum at Saqqara

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Tourism Guidance at the Higher Institute for Qualitative Studies, Heliopolis, Egypt


This paper is concerned with an unpublished block statue of the high official who is in charge of the temple granary during the Middle Kingdom called Hky. The statue dates back to the Twelfth Dynasty, Middle Kingdom. It was discovered by the French Archaeological Mission in 1986 at el Shawaf. It was recovered in Tomb 2149 which is located to the eastern side of satellite pyramid ofthe funerary Complex of the King Pepi I. The statue is on display at Imhotep Museum, Saqqara. the statue of Heky is registered under n° SQ. FAMS. 361 (fig. 1). The statue is in the block/cube form that started to occur by the Middle Kingdom. This type of statues became commonly produced for private individuals during the New Kingdom and the Late Period. Its production extended until the Greco-Roman era. During the Middle Kingdom, Block statues were found at tombs. From the New Kingdom onwards, it started to come mainly from temples. It has been referred to these statues by the term His and Hst in the ancient Egyptian language. According to the wörterbuch, snn is translated as “Kneeling and Squatting statues”.