The Effect of Applying Ethical Training on the Performance of Salesmen: Applied to Some Egyptian Hotels

Document Type : Original Article


1 Hotels Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Suez Canal University

2 College of Business Administration, Shaqra University, KSA


The research aims to determine the impact of the application of ethical training programs on the sales performance of salesmen (quantitative performance; qualitative performance), while identifying the most important obstacles facing Egyptian hotels in implementing ethical training and its impact on the performance of salesmen. It was applied to a random sample of sales and training managers in five-star hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and Cairo. The data was collected through a pre-prepared questionnaire as a tool to measure the relationship and influence between the research variables. The statistical analysis program "SPSS" version "26" was used to analyze the data and test the study hypotheses. Among the results of the study, there is a strong positive effect between the application of ethical training programs and the sales performance of salesmen. The results also showed that there are obstacles in Egyptian hotels that prevent the application of these training programs that negatively affect the performance of salesmen. Considering these results, the study recommended paying attention to an ethical training approach for building a positive image of the hotel, by building trust and credibility with current and potential customers.