The Impact of Re-engineering Process in Human Resources Development Applied to Travel Companies in Egypt

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1 Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, October 6 University

2 tourism studies department tourism and hotels faculty October 6 university


The interest in re-engineering process, especially in human resources, contributes to enhancing the success of companies - especially companies working in tourism activity - in accomplishing strategic tasks for human resource development and then achieving the strategic goals of these companies. Moreover, it enables organizations to price, promote, and distribute products through development researches. The more these organizations could absorb their customers and markets the more success they could achieve. This contributes in raising the total efficiency of tourism as a whole and increases economic chances of organization at microeconomic level, which leads, in turn, to the growth of the macro economy. The importance of this study lies in the economic dimension of human resources. No one can deny that developing human resources contributes in supporting the economic growth, bringing of sustainable enhancement of wealth production and rising productivity. It is a prerequisite of sustainable and total development.