Is Islam with or against Tourism? Halal Tourism Perception; Definition and Requirements

Document Type : Original Article


Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Alexandria University


Although, Halal tourism is generally linked in research with travel conducted by Muslims, this is the first research to verify the religious judgment of tourism in Islam as per Quran and Sunnah, being the main resources for Islamic shariah (law).
Travel and hospitality projects are facing a problem which is the lack of standardization in the Halal tourism industry. The term Halal tourism carries a lot of interpretations and confusion in research. After the remarkable increase in the number of Muslim travellers, there is an urgent need for a global agreement on what constitutes Halal tourism.
This paper helps to define clearly what is considered Halal and to set some rules and regulations for reference. This paper is of a conceptual base with a goal of building a clearer theory of Halal Tourism and its requirements. The study depends on secondary information .And ends up with some recommendations of practical use for tourism suppliers.