Job Redesign as a Tool for Developing Individual Work Performance in Egyptian Hotels

Document Type : Original Article


1 faculty of tourism and hotels, Suez Canal University

2 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, University of Sadat City


During the last decades, organizations attempted to improve jobs' effectiveness and efficiency. Job redesign is an effective tool to meet the employees' needs and to satisfy the interests of the organization. On the other hand, several organizations seeks for improving the whole employees' performance rather than their individual work performance. This research aims at shedding light on the effect of job redesign in developing individual work performance in Egyptian hotels. A questionnaire was directed to a sample of workers in five star hotels at Sharm-Elshiekh. The obtained data was analyzed statistically. The research revealed a significant effect of job redesign on individual work performance. The research recommends enhancing the role of job redesign approaches as effective tools for improving the employees' individual work performance in Egyptian hotels. That role can be achieved via a systematic and accurate analysis of job redesign dimensions