The Effect of Visual Identity on Tourists’ Preferences to Visit Luxor from Generational Perspective

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1 Tourism Studies Department – Faculty of Tourism and Hotels –Fayoum University

2 Hotel Management Department-Faculty of Tourism and Hotels-Suez Canal University

3 Tourist Studies Department – Faculty of Tourism and Hotels –Fayoum University


Although potential visitors to visit cultural areas with the most ancient civilizations always focus on the brand of the tourist destination, as the visual identity is considered a motivating motive to make these visitors approach their next visit to this destination, the differences in the generations of these visitors may lead to contradictory preferences for visiting. This tourist destination, or not, depends on its status and prestige . In this regard, Luxor is full of tourist attractions and archaeological areas that highlight the splendor of the Pharaonic civilization, which may make its visual identity one of the most desirable things to explore as one of the motivating precedents for the preference of potential visitors to visit a cultural destination from the perspective of the generations of visitors, "millennials" (people born between 1981 and 1996) and “boomers” (people born between 1964 and 1946). A total of 472 responses were obtained from potential visitors, i.e., 201 millennials and 271 boomers. The collected data was analyzed using SmartPLS 4. Findings indicated that the preferences of tourists from the millennial generation and the generation thirsty for the past to visit Luxor were positively and significantly affected by the visual identity of Luxor. Findings concluded that marketing and promotion efforts for Luxor’s destination should be directed more towards the millennial generation, with a focus on promoting and strengthening its brand and using it effectively as a tool to attract these people. providing services that suit the preferences of the millennial generation in Luxor.


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