Development of Bird Watching Tourism and its Impact on the Sustainability of Environmental Resources by Application on South Sinai

Document Type : Original Article


1 AL Sharkia governorate - Egypt

2 Tourism Studies Department- Faculty of Tourism and Hotels- Suez Canal University.


As bird-watching gains popularity it can achieve economic gains, preserve environmental resources, sustain them, and achieve benefits to the local community. Despite rapid growth of avitourism globally, the international market potential of avitourism in Egypt, which has remarkable birdlife and a strategic geographical location is not fully utilized. This research aimed to study the current situation of bird watching in Egypt to develop bird watching in Egypt, there have been various techniques utilized by tourism planners to attract birdwatchers.
   Methodology had two separate phases. Phase one involved interviewing Experts, academics and tour guides of existing bird watching tourism, to see how it planned and managed. Phase two involved the questionnaire of birdwatchers these two phases illustrated the current situation and Development mechanisms of bird watching in Egypt.
   The research findings concluded that the development of bird watching in Egypt can be planned and managed as a tool for the environmental sustainability.


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