The readiness extent of the 4th year students in the private higher institutes of tourism and hotels in Alexandria for the idea of entrepreneurship and the formation of start-up companies

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1 Higher Institute for Tourism, Hotels and Computer Seinces , El-Seyouf, Alexandria

2 المعهد العالي للسياحة والفنادق والحاسب الآلي- سيوف- الاسکندرية


With the beginning of the current millennium, the economies of countries began to seek to benefit from the capabilities of young people by motivating them to form new projects that support the economy, which provided entrepreneurship in various fields to top the economic scene. This study seeks to identify the extent of willingness and readiness of students who are about to graduate and join the labor market to accept the idea of entrepreneurship through their endeavor to form emerging establishments belonging to the hospitality field, while studying the relationship of this to both motivations, the student's ability to identify opportunities, the student's ability to obtain resources and developing student capabilities through training. The study population consisted of fourth year students in the Department of Hospitality Management at four of the Higher Private Institutes for Tourism and Hotels in Alexandria that affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education. The study was conducted based on the analytical descriptive method by surveying a sample of 388 students from the four institutes. The results indicated that there is a positive statistically significant relationship between all the independent variables (namely: motivation, the student's ability to identify opportunities, the student's ability to obtain resources and the development of the student's capabilities through training) and the student's willingness to go towards entrepreneurship as a dependent variable. That means accepting all the hypotheses under study.