The Role of Green Human Resources Management in Improving the Work Environment

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Tourism Studies, Tourism and Hotels, Higher Institute of Tourism and hotels, Ismailia, Egypt


The global climate changes, which are expected to intensify in the coming years, have posed increasing challenges to human security. This has led to increasing local and international pressures towards the issue of paying attention to environmental considerations in the axes of sustainable development. Therefore, the Sustainable Development Strategy and Egypt's Vision 2030 have set the environmental dimension as a key focus in all development and economic sectors. It aims to reduce environmental pressures and therefore, achieving social justice.

The Green human resources management is one of the main areas that have gained importance in the expansion of environmental management systems in organizations, as it targets workforce management towards contributing to the implementation of environmental goals and strategies. Therefore, it has become an important topic in the department to reflect the organizational efforts around the green orientation and respond to emerging societal trends.

This study aimed to identify the extent of applying green human resources management practices at the EgyptAir training academy, which is concerned with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Egypt. To achieve this goal, 334 survey forms were submitted to a sample of human resources managers at the academy, and the correct response rate was 85% of the total sample, and the results showed a high level of application of Green human resources management practices at the Academy. The study suggested increasing the social responsibility of human resources towards the security of Natural Resources and supporting the fairness of their sustainable use.