The role of auditory marketing in enhancing the perceived quality of an airline brand

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Faculty Tourism and Hotels


The research aims to: clarify the impact of audio marketing in enhancing the perceived quality of the airline brand, given the importance of these two dimensions, which are the main pillar in any production organization in order to be able to provide services that satisfy the needs of the customer and satisfy his desires, so the research was adopted in its theoretical and field framework after audio marketing as a major variable explaining its impact on the perceived quality of the brand as a dependent variable, and developing a hypothetical scheme for research that reflects the nature of the correlation and impact between Audio marketing on the one hand and enhancing the perceived quality of the brand on the other hand.

The study reached several results, the most important of which were: The sound has an important role in the sensory perception of tourists, and the degree of influence varies according to the type of music, the size of the musical composition, and the level of sound.

Among the most important recommendations of the research were:

1- Stimulating the sense of hearing among tourists by using certain music that attracts the attention of tourists and works to spread calm and psychological comfort for them and avoid loud music to influence the tourist's purchasing decision and repeat the purchase experience.