Studying The Impact of Applying Sustainable Marketing Practices for Traditional Crafts in Siwa Oasis on its Employees; Performance: The Moderating Role of Crafts and Cultural Orientation

Document Type : Original Article


Egyptian Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels


The study aims to shed light on the most important cultural heritage handicrafts in Siwa Oasis and highlights the most important obstacles encountered. In addition to, shedding light on the justifications for the emergence of sustainable marketing, its objectives and the difference between it and traditional marketing. The questionnaire tool in the study addressed to owners of craft workshops in the Siwa Oasis. Thus, based on the theoretical and field study, the recommendations were proposed:-The importance of the capacity building of the crafters by providing them with the technical and soft skills trainings the matter which will result in the preservation of such distinguished cultural heritage, Create an effective tourism media to highlight the importance of sustainable marketing of cultural heritage crafts in the oasis and Organization of local and international exhibitions which aim at showing case the handmade products of Siwa Oasis.