Floral Mural Paintings of the Holy Virgin Mary Church in Dayr El-Ganadla, Asyut

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Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University


Nature has attracted the Coptic artists through ages. That’s obvious in borrowing several floral elements in both their art and architecture.  The church of the Holy Virgin Mary is located in El-Ganadla Monastery in the western mountain of Asyut governorate. The church's mural paintings dated back to the sixth century and they were repainted in the eleventh century. The church is richly painted with several unique groups of floral motifs as; olive, grapevine, laurel plant, palm branches, lotus, leaves and rosettes rise from vases. Such floral motifs are of native species with Christian religious significance. This paper attempts to describe and analyze the floral mural paintings of the church. In addition, to identify plants and flowers species shown in the church. The descriptive and analytical research methods have been adopted.