The Role of Geographical Features in Development of Sustainable Tourism in South Sinai: A Case Study of The Sector (Ras-Raya – Ras- Konayesa)

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt


The research aims to analyze the geographical characteristics of the (Ras Raya - Ras Konayesa) and how to exploit them in tourism development in that region and to study the opportunities and obstacles to sustainable tourism development in the region. The importance of the study is illustrated by the diverse and unique geographical characteristics which found in the area, which is a primary factor in sustainable tourism development. The study used the analytical descriptive method to determine the relationship between the study variables and the field study was conducted by distributing questionnaire forms to both tourism experts and workers in the tourism field and Their number reached 69 forums to identify their views on the dimensions of the study variables. The study reached to a lot of results the most important of them the marine life and the very rich coral reefs that the area enjoys which makes this area one of the most beautiful diving areas in addition to the enjoyment of the area with wildlife represented in distinctive animals and birds some of them are rare. Also, the study recommended the need for the state to pay attention to the region and make optimal use of it because of its tourism importance and to highlight it on the tourist map, The study also recommended the need to work on developing the infrastructure, linking the study area with neighboring cities, providing paved roads for easy access, and paying attention to the development of airports and ports close to the area.