Obstacles to Managing Tourism Natural Resources in Suez Governorate

Document Type : Original Article


Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels


The study aims to identify the obstacles facing the management of environmental natural resources in the Suez Governorate and to determine the considerations to be taken into account when implementing a plan for managing natural tourism resources. The problem of the study was that despite the availability of many natural and environmental tourism components in Suez Governorate, which makes it able to provide a unique and diverse tourism product, it faces many obstacles that make it need more development efforts to advance it, and therefore the importance of this study stems In highlighting the importance occupied by the management of environmental natural resources, whether it is a mainstay for the development of tourism activity in preserving environmental resources and rationalizing their consumption, and its ability to preserve the elements of the ecosystem in continuity. The study reached several results, the most important of which is that although the Suez Governorate enjoys many components and natural resources that can be exploited for tourism, such as the geographical location and the appropriate climate, it suffers from deterioration and neglect in the natural tourist areas and the surrounding facilities. The study also reached many recommendations based on the results that have been reached, as it is necessary to work on preserving and developing the natural tourist areas and creating new tourism patterns that are more compatible with the needs of the natural environment.