A Study of the Role Played by the High Priests of Amun in Thebes in the Restoration of Royal Buildings and Mummies

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Tourism Management and Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Matrouh University


At the end of the Ramesside period when the royal power in the south decreased, the conservation and the construction of sacred buildings became the responsibility of the high priests of Amun in Thebes. This responsibility included as well the reburial of royal mummies in the valley of the kings on the west bank of Thebes. Several high priests were linked with the preservation of royal buildings and the restoration and the reburial of royal mummies. This study aims at investigating the role played by those priests, how they recorded the different activities and the terms they used for their documentation of their work. The paper starts with a historical background followed by the work of restoration of each high priest in a chronological order with a commentary and analysis. The study ends with a main conclusion.