Managing Environmental Natural Resources in The Light of Sustainable Tourism Development

Document Type : Original Article


Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels


The problem of the study was that despite the importance of natural resource management and its impact on the implementation of the sustainable tourism development strategy, there are shortcomings in the management of natural resources. Where the importance of this study stems from highlighting the importance occupied by the management of environmental natural resources, whether in being a mainstay for the development of tourism activity in preserving environmental resources and rationalizing their consumption or in the fact that it meets the needs of sustainable tourism development and its ability to preserve the elements of the ecosystem in continuity. The study aimed to highlight the concept of sustainable tourism development and the requirements for its application, in order to reach the standards of sustainable tourism development and to effectively manage environmental natural resources within the sustainable tourism development plan. The study reached several results, the most important of which is that the natural environmental resources are considered one of the most important elements of tourist attractions, and the results of the study also showed some shortcomings in the management of these environmental natural resources, which resulted in their exposure to many manifestations of deterioration, which sometimes reached the beginning of their depletion. The study also reached many recommendations based on the results that have been reached, as it is necessary to work on developing a comprehensive plan through which it is possible to identify the means that help preserve natural resources and how to use them in the tourism sector without harming them.