The Impact of Motives and Obstacles of Healthy Food on Customer Preference: Application on Some Five- Star Hotels and Restaurants

Document Type : Original Article


Hotels Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Suez Canal University


 This research aims to determine the motives and obstacles of healthy food choices at hotels and restaurants and to examine the impact of these motives and barriers on the degree of preference of choosing healthy food. A random sample of customers of 24 hotels and five five-star restaurants in Sharm El-Sheikh, estimated at 496 customers, was selected during two separate periods of October and December 2020. The results found a positive effect between the motives and choosing to eat healthy foods and found a negative impact between the obstacles and choosing to eat healthy foods. The study also found a negative effect between the motives and barriers of choosing to eat healthy foods. The study recommends the importance of adopting healthy menus and working to include them in the marketing policies and regulations of five-star hotels and restaurants, qualifying the restaurant or hotel to serve healthy menus.