God Mahes in Ancient Egyptian Religion

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Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Mansoura University


This research deals with one of the minor feline deities, but he was considered a solar god related to wars as he helped the sun god in his war against Apophis, besides he was responsible for guarding the sacred places. He was represented as a lion or a lion-headed god. he was considered as the son of goddess Bastet and god re in  Lower Egypt and the son of Sekhmet and Ptah at  Upper Egypt, so he  was closely associated with god Nefertum(the son of goddess Sekhmet at Memphis). His cult center was at Leontopolis (Taremu), he was worshipped also at Bubastis, Xois, the 10th Nome of Upper Egypt (wADt), Dendera, Edfu, Philae, Dabod, Siwa Oasis and Baharia Oasis. He was associated to many deities like Nefertem, Horus of Behdet, Haroris, Shezmu, Menhw, and Apdemak. The research studies the archaeological and textual evidences of God Mahes referring to his titles, qualities, forms, roles, places of the worship and his relations to other deities.