Exploring The Factors Affecting Low Female Students’ Enrollment in The Hotel Management Department at Governmental Universities

Document Type : Original Article


Hotel Management Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University


Nowadays, there is a shortage of females with a higher level of education. Moreover, the number of female students begins to decrease as the grade level of education rises. As a result, females are still underrepresented in higher education, both as students and faculty members. Hotel education institutions are the main source of supplying qualified graduates in response to the growing demand of the industry. Recently, it has been noticed that the number of female students enrolled in the hotel management department has decreased in most Egyptian governmental universities. This study aims to explore the main factors that affect the low enrollment of female students in the hotel department in the Egyptian governmental universities. The study developed a measure of six main factors that may influence female students' choice to join the hotel management department. Only five universities were selected out of ten governmental Egyptian universities that have the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. Online surveys were the best way to reach students easily, maintain social distancing and follow preventive measures against COVID-19. A scale of 19-items was developed, consisting of 6 dimensions represent the factors affecting the lack of female students' enrollment in the hotel department at the level of Egyptian tourism and hotel colleges. The results indicated that the job income dimension was the most influential factor among the universities' sample. While the job opportunities factor came in second place, followed by Socio-culture, Department image, Parental desires, and then Admission & learning was the least influencing factor.