The impact of Bitcoin Electronic Trust Factors on Hotel Transactions as a Mechanism for Digital Transformation in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Hotel studies department, faculty of tourism and hotels, Mansoura University


Today, the world is dominated by a comprehensive technological revolution that extended to all walks of life and greatly affected different lifestyles, economic, social, cultural and others ...., and contributed to creating a set of new phenomena such as: e-commerce and electronic payment methods, such as electronic money of various kinds, and resulted from this development is the emergence of new means of financing trade exchange based on the use of electronic means of payment through the global information network "the Internet" and with the cooperation and facilitation of commercial banks, international financial organizations and networks. And with accepting Bitcoin to book flights, as well as book hotels in many countries of the world and deal with them in some restaurants and cafes. Here, the researchers present a study of the impact of electronic confidence factors on hotel transactions in the virtual currency (Bitcoin), as well as studying the challenges of using the virtual currency in hotel transactions. To achieve this goal, a survey questionnaire was designed and distributed to collect data, and the number of surveys valid for analysis reached 264, and the data were analyzed based on the SPSS program, The results of the statistical analysis found that there is a significant effect of electronic confidence factors on hotel transactions with Bitcoin, and this means that the results came with the study model and that necessarily means the customer's feeling that the facility he deals with provides confidence factors during various transactions.