Job Insecurity for Employees after the Corona Pandemic: Applied on Fast Food Restaurants in Cairo and Giza Governorates

Document Type : Original Article


Hotel Studies Department, El-Alson Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels


The human element represents a major engine and influencing factor in success, distinction and continuity in light of competition, technological and cognitive advancement at the local and global levels, which prompts all contemporary organizations to pursue organizational policies aiming at protecting and caring for their human resources. The study aimed to identify the level of job insecurity for employees on fast food restaurants in Cairo and Giza governorates, especially after the Corona pandemic and the effect of personal factors (gender, age) on that and determined the nature of the relationship that links these personal factors and job insecurity for employees. The study found a high level of job insecurity and a strong effect between personal factors and job insecurity for employees. The study recommended that restaurant management should continuously working to develop, policies and programs related to job security, in a way that contributes to raise the level of human relations among employees, whether inside or outside the workplace and Pay attention to the psychological aspect by reducing employees' anxiety about their job future.