The Impact of Developing Parks and Gardens on Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Cairo Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels - Almoqatm


Gardens and parks play a vital role in generating tourism demand especially local ones. It is an essential part of any tourist trip, perhaps the reason for this is that it contains a variety of entertainment services with the aim of entertaining its patrons as well as the beauty, the good scenery and the psychological comfort of the visitors as a result of the presence of these green spaces as well as providing fresh air and reducing the risk of pollution. And as regards of the importance of gardens and parks and the role they played in attracting public attention, whether inside or outside the country, thus contributing to making Egypt a distinguished tourist destination. This research aims to shed light on gardens and parks and their impact on tourist attractions in   Egypt, in addition to identifying the obstacles and challenges facing gardens and parks, to reach the proposals for its development and define future plans for its development. The research recommended to establishing an independent authority for the Egyptian gardens that would work to protect and preserve them while laying down a future plan for their continuous development.