The Importance of Crisis Management in Egyptian Hotels and Tourism in Dealing with the Emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate prof and head department of hotel management the higher institute for tourism and hospitality management Egoth Luxor

2 Environmental Studies & Research Institute, Natural Survey Resources Department, Sadat City University, Egypt.


This paper aims are   to develop a meaningful procedures for crisis management so that the staff will be able to use it as a valuable tool for positive changes. 300 questionnaires were distributed to employees working in different jobs within different departments in investigated Egyptian hotels only 264 questionnaires were valid and ready to analyse by percentage 88%. The study was conducted from October 2020 till March 2021. The study found that there are significant differences between the employees’ job position categories with regard to rules that hotel should find useful during a crisis. Moreover, Results showed that there is a significant correlation between the guests’ most influential factor of crisis management in Egyptian hotels in dealing with the emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19); The influences of Rules that hotel should find useful during a crisis, extent do hotels support workers to avoid new Corona virus, and the tourism and hospitality leaders and organizations support in Egypt   on the benefits. On the other hand, the study assured that result indicated that there is need to avoid overlapping commands between policies and performance of the tourism and hospitality in Egypt; Multiple supervisory authorities for tourist and hospitality facilities in Egypt. Avoid Lack of clarity of vision of the crisis management committee and avoid conflicting decisions and ensure their implementation of the tourism and hospitality in Egypt.