The Goddess xft-Hr nb.s

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Tourism Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Suez Canal University.


This goddess takes some importance in the worship from the local goddesses, especially if it is related to some important functions of the god, including this important goddess who is worshipped in the western region of wAst.  It is xft-Hr nb.s, who frequently represented in anthropomorphic form as a goddess, wearing a long tight dress, a hieroglyphic sign of the west upon her head and hanging in their arms the anx sign of life which appears between Dd, wAs on the nb sign. The oldest record of the name of the goddess Khefethernebes is from a stela of Antefoqer as ”xftt-Hr nb.s”, as a name of a locality, dates back to the reign of Amenemhat I. Khefethernebes participates in the scenes of judgment, welcomes the deceased into the afterlife and provide support and protection for the deceased. Khefethernebes is associated with the goddess Hathor, Waset, Imntet, Weret-Hekaw, Nut , Isis and Meret-Seger. The article aims to investigate the iconography, epithets and functions of goddess Khefethernebes in order to lay emphasize her forms, roles, titles, and her relation with other goddesses.