Millennials Revisit Intention Based-Perceived Value in the Hospitality Industry: The Mediating Effect of Satisfaction

Document Type : Original Article


Hotel Management Department, Cairo higher institute for tourism and hotels.


Recently, hotels have given significant attention to the millennials' generation, as they have become a niche market in the digital market era, and brought unique perspectives and values. Millennials have been raised as a new marketing goal for many hotel companies. Hotel Marketers consider Millennials' satisfaction and revisit intention as the most important strategies toward attracting them, to increase higher profit gain. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is two-fold. First, the study examines the hierarchical influence of the multiple dimensions of values perceived on the aspect of Millennials' satisfaction and revisits intention in the hospitality industry. Second, the study attempts to re-arrange the power of value perceived toward the digital generation from a hotel marketing perceptive. The study used a survey that has been conducted through a well self-administrated questionnaire. The population of the study included all the millennial hotel guests in Alexandria, the North coast, and Hurghada, Egypt. Data were analyzed using Linear Regression, mean and standard deviation. The study results reveal that the dimensions of perceived value are strong positive predictors for Millennials' satisfaction and revisit intention and significantly play an important positive impact on Millennials satisfaction. Finally, the study suggests that focusing on millennials’ value perception strategy can help to raise competitive advantage.