The Relationship between Organizational Resilience and Human Resources Practices in the Hotel Industry.

Document Type : Original Article


1 Hotel Management Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University

2 Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, King Salman International University, South Sinai


This study aimed to explore the impact of organizational resilience (OR) on human resources management practices (HRMP) in the resort hotels context. Structured interviews were conducted with fourteen managers, and a pre-tested self-administrated questionnaire was used to collect the required data for this study. The questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of 300 employees working in 11 five-star hotels in the Red Sea region. The findings showed that organizational resilience has a significant relationship to HRMP. Additionally, the results revealed that hotel managers should identify and emphasize the critical role of high-performance HRMP in supporting OR strategies. The organizational resilience dimensions such as organizational culture, learning and knowledge, leadership, situation awareness, and risk management will formulate and lead the effective human resources practices. The study indicated the hotel’s ability to be resilient based on the advanced planning and development of the human resources practices. The findings suggest the hotel staff is more likely to feel secure with their jobs and are provided with training and development opportunities in resilient organizational culture. They will probably reciprocate through positive organizational behaviors, supporting organizational goals such as organizational resilience strategies. Consequently, hotels should consider these OR constructs' significant impact on the HRMP to comprehend better the practices that support creating a resilience culture in an organization.