The Effect of COVID-19 on the Domestic Tourists' Attitudes: A Comparative Study between Egypt and Jordan

Document Type : Original Article


1 Hotel Management Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University

2 College of Business, Umm Al Qura University

3 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, Lincoln University College, Selangor, Malaysia

4 Travel and tourism department,Faculty of Tourism and hotel management,Yarmouk University,Irbid,Jordan.


The COVID 19 pandemic heavily deteriorated the tourism and hospitality industries worldwide. New Norms were set. In reality, extra travel barriers were made, which made a critical situation. In these critical circumstances, fingers pointed to domestic tourism as an urgent solution to help in surviving the tourism and hospitality industries. This highlighted the importance of this research, as it investigated local tourists' attitudes regarding the tourism and hospitality industries' activities in Egypt and Jordan. This study aimed to develop a comparative case study between Egyptian and Jordanian travellers to help in identifying the domestic tourists' preferences to figure hospitality and tourism post COVID-19 world. An online survey was developed and distributed via social media and travel agent websites to achieve the study purpose. The Means, standard deviation, and sample t-test were used in the analysis. The findings asserted that the COVID 19 pandemic has significant impacts on the tourists' attitudes in the tourism and hospitality industries' activities and highlighted the differences and similarities between the domestic Egyptian and Jordanian tourists. Moreover, the research outcomes and managerial implications presented new ideas and priorities for travel agencies and tour operators in the era of post COVID-19 world.