Digital Detox Tourism at The Egyptian Destination: Attitudes and Motivators

Document Type : Original Article


Tourism Studies Dept., Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, University of Sadat City


Although the advantages of Information Communication Technology (ICT), there is a dark side to its overuse, addiction to technology causes physical and psychological human risks. This research aims to understand the phenomena of Digital Detox Tourism (DDT); explore technology usage amongst the digital natives and digital immigrants; delve into tourists’ awareness of the impacts of ICT’s excessive usage; investigate tourists’ attitudes towards DDT, and identify motivators to be disconnected during their trips. An online structured questionnaire was applied, a total of valid 348 responses are analyzed. The results show the digital natives’ addiction to technology, almost all of them spent more than four hours daily. The findings indicate that respondents have a good awareness of the impacts of technology overuse. Further, the study points to the advantages of being disconnected at the tourism destination. The findings identify four motivators that encourage tourists to participate in DDT; escapism, relaxation, health and wellbeing, and relationship. The study can help destination policy-makers to better provide the supply and activities that refresh tourists’ minds and achieve well-being; promote DDT as a travel choice to improve tourists' mindful experience and enhance their engagement with the surrounding environment.