The Impact of Activating the Holy Family Path on Promoting of Religious Tourism Movement Coming to Egypt

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Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, October 6 University


 The journey of the Holy Family in the land of Egypt is one of the basic components of the Egyptian Coptic civilization. Rather, the importance of the land of Egypt has increased among the world because it is the kind land that provided protection and embraced the Holy Family since early in history. Rather, it was built in most of the path of the Holy Family monasteries and churches that built Egypt with faith in God. And it carried wonderful human values ​​represented in love, peace and coexistence on the land of Egypt. It is worth noting that the path of the Holy Family represents a special significance for religious tourism in the world, as the main stations that the Holy Family blessed in residing with it represents holidays, festivals and popular celebrations throughout the year. The study aims to define the path Holy Family Path in Egypt and use it as one of the unique tourism products with the importance of including the path of the Holy Family within the tourism programs in addition to determining the role of the official tourism agencies and tourism companies in the tourist marketing of this religious path. The study relied on the qualitative approach, through conducting personal interviews with (11) officials of the Egyptian Tourism Authority to answer the questions of the study and achieve its goals aimed at promoting the tourism path of the Holy Family and its impact on religious tourism coming to Egypt in particular and international tourism in Public.